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Glass Types - Windows, Doors & Roofs

DuraLite Single Pane Tempered Clear Glass is used in our Alpha I & Omega I Windows and Doors. It is the next generation in our product line of high-performance single pane glass. The patented Duralite design features a unique composite laminating technology without the use of metal, resulting in superior thermal and durability performance. The multilayer, highly efficient spacer uses proven components, sealants and desiccants to produce improved condensation resistance, a warmer edge of glass temperature. Learn More


DuraLite Dual Pane Tempered Glass Clear is used in the Alpha II Windows and Doors. It is the next generation in our product line of high-performance dual pane glass. This product consists of an outer pane of 1/8” green glass over an inner pane of 1/8” clear. This new product has 20% lower solar transmission than ordinary double pane clear glass (and 26% less UV transmission). Providing; Eight times the strengh of residential window glass, Ten times the scratch resistants of acrylic windows, and Twice the clarity of other glass types. Learn More


Glass Kickplate and Transom Options

Solid insulated kick plates (area below the window) and transoms (area above the windows) are standard on all rooms. The glass kick plate and transom are upgrade options to the standard rooms.


SmartGlass has up to:
4 Times Less Heat Gain 
4 Times Less heat Loss
5 Times Less Ultraviolet Destruction
4 Times More Insulation than Our Closest Competitor

Smart Glass 30 Alpha I & Omega I Roof Glass, the first product in our line of high-performance roof glass, which goes by the name SmartGlass 30.  This new product has 30% lower solar transmission than ordinary clear single pane glass (and 30% less UV transmission). What this means is that a competitor’s room equipped with clear single pane glass will heat up 30% faster than a C-Thru room. Learn More

Smart Glass 60 SmartGlass 60 (Omega II Window & Door Glass) is an optional high performance double pane glass for use in vertical glazing areas, such as windows, doors, kickpanels and transoms.  It provides your clients with 60% less solar heat gain per s.f./hr than clear double pane glass, and 28% lower transmission of damaging and harmful UV radiation than our former high performance “Smart Glass”. The solar shading performance of this glass is so remarkable that your clients can actually pull a chair up next to a south-facing window, and sit down and read a book without experiencing that “radiator effect” that one normally feels Learn More

OMEGA Vinyl Room Systems (Compare to Aluminum)
* Reduces outside Noise up to 50%
* 1300 Times Better Insulation than Aluminum Windows
* Nearly Maintanence Free
* Eliminates Condensation common to Aluminum Windows
*Won't Swell allowing for Smoothder Operation

Smart Glass 90 Alpha II & Omega II Roof Glass - SmartGlass 90EZ will be used only in sloped, overhead applications such as glass-roofed sunrooms.   Traditionally, in glass-roofed rooms, most of the excess heat gain that enters the sunroom comes through the overhead glass because the sun tends to be higher in the sky in summer.  To combat this problem, and also to reduce the potential for glare in a glass-intensive room, SmartGlass 90EZ will reduce the solar and UV transmission to less than half that of our old Smart Glass. To enhance the performance of SmartGlass 90EZ,  the inboard pane of this product is the same high performance green glass used in SmartGlass 30.  By utilizing two layers of high performance glass in the same unit, SmartGlass 90EZ achieves solar shading performance unmatched by any other manufacturer, blocking up to 83% of the sun’s harmful and damaging UV radiation and 84% of unwanted solar heat transmission. Learn More